Pairings This Season

In addition to the pairings listed, we have an extensive line up of other pairs, predominantly of ‘mixed blood lines’.

We use these pairs to produce our own race birds, breeders plates sales, One Loft race entries, and 10 bird race teams.

These pairs are far too many to list individual pedigrees, but pedigrees and prices can be made available on request.

All birds sold with pedigrees originate from the single pens ( 90 in total), as shown in the photographs, and parentage is guaranteed.
Below is some of ‘mixed pairs’ which may be of interest to fanciers:

Drapa x VanDyck/Koopman
VanDyck x Drapa/Hereman
Janssen x Drapa/VanDyck Koopman
Verkerk x Bosua
Verkerk x Gabby
Deweerdt x Brockamp
Brockamp x Rutz
Brockamp x Kipp
Kipp x Rutz
Kipp x Gorby/Kipp
Verbruggen x VanDyck/Koopman
Wouver x Verbruggen
Verbruggen x Hereman
Verbruggen x James Bond/Janssen
Bosua x Verbruggen
Deweerdt x Kipp
Deweerdt x Gorby/Kipp
James Bond x Hereman
Hereman x Koopman
Pryor x Kipp
Tuffnut Rutz x Brockamp
Tuffnut Rutz x Pryor
Deweerdt x Mehan Deweerdt.
Deweerdt x Tuffnut Rutz
Gabby x Koopman
VanDyck x Gabby
Jos Thone x Houben

Plus many more pairs in conventional breeding boxes which are used for same as above and foster parents if required.

Inspection of stock birds and youngsters is welcome, strictly by appointment - phone 0488 727 003.