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Euro Long Distance

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'New Laureaat’, - we were most fortunate to obtain 3 grand children of this outstanding racer, - 1stNational & 1st International Barcelona 25,382 birds, also winner of the Golden Wing Barcelona award, based on previous Barcelona performances. His dam is inbred to ‘Laureaat Barcelona’, - 1st Barcelona 1995 - 20,925 birds.

Immediately following the 2013 win, New Laureaat was purchased by the syndicate of Batenburg, DeMerwe & Pipa for 250,000 Euro and put to stock, progeny are in huge demand and were selling for around 10,000 Euro. Our good UK friend, Mark Gilbert has managed to secure 3 cocks and 3 hens, direct children.

Between 2013, when his ggsire, Laureaat Barcelona won in 1995, all winners in between those years have been sold to Asia. Consequently for the European fanciers the opportunity to buy children from Barcelona 1st prize winners has been popular.

We have purchased two grand children hens from Mark Gilbert and one hen from Batenburg. Hopefully we will have cock bird g/children when the current bird flu crisis is lifted in Europe.

We discussed with Mark Gilbert various options to breed our two imports from his New Laureaat offspring purchases.

Our first selection was to pair the Merlain super cock STARLIGHT to a New Laureaat hen. Starlight had an outstanding long distance race history, until coming home with shot gun wounds from Tarbes, when he was retired. He was later sold on Pipa and bought by Mark for 12,000 Euro. The result of this mating is our import hen, GB 14J -06107.

Our other selection with Mark was to pair a son of New Laureaat to his Brockamp hen, ‘Mellissa’, - 1stInternational Agen/Bordeaux 11,444 birds – 2011, - grand daughter of Euro Diamond and Mistral ( Brockamps. ) The result of this mating is our import hen, GB 14N -55031. We have Mellissa’s full sister in stock as Pair one Brockamp.

Our third purchase New Laureaat g/daughter was bred and sold by Batenburg. Her dam is a daughter of ‘New Witbuik’, - he was 1st National & 6th International Barcelona 2012 - 25,438 birds. This makes her a g/daughter of 1st 2013, and 6th 2012. She is NL 14 1040362

Due to a ‘mix up’ with the DNA sex testing in UK the two hens from Mark Gilbert were supposed to be cocks, but the DNA laboratory tested them as ‘parrots’, which have different DNA profile to pigeons and they gave us results as ‘cocks’. It wasn’t until they arrived in Australia that our suspicions arose. !!

Pair 1   x Batenburg NL 14 1040362
Pair 2   x GB 14 N55031
Pair 3   x GB 14 J06107


Andrea DRAPA Pigeons. - Germany - UNIQUE WITHOUT EQUAL 

These birds are regarded as being very fast short/middle distance birds. Andrea raced them extremely successfully in Germany  to the extent of being awarded GERMAN NATIONAL ALL ROUND CHAMPION – 7 times.His results would indicate up around 600 Km distance. The imports we have are all inbred closely to his key birds in Champ, Carl, Cassandra, Flitzer (all now sold to Asia) and Pockerface.

The youngsters we will produce, by pairing Drapa to Drapa, will be closely inbred to those key winning birds. Overseas indications suggests they should be cross bred to similar speed middle distance birds,, ie Koopman, Gabbys, Heremans, Van Dycks etc. Mark Gilbert, the breeder of our Drapa cock birds, had very good early 2014 success with only a small team of 7 in his race team, they were crossed with Koopmans.

These couple of articles on Pipa well worth the read, plus much more by entering Andrea Drapa into Google or on Pipa website. Seasue Lofts has the only breeding pairs of Drapa’s in the country we believe.

See thumbnails below. Seasuelofts imports are all grandchildren of these.
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This youtube video, narrated by Les Green, also gives an excellent background to these German birds, new to this country.


Also another great video from Drapa - "Unique without Equal".

RUTZ & Sons - Germany

The Rutz family from southern Germany are well known throughout Europe as the ‘ Barcelona specialists’. Perusal of their race history reveals some amazing consistent performance over many years in this the No.1 long distance race. Interesting observation recently on ‘Pipa Live’ during the Barcelona race to see the various lofts recording their returns. The RUTZ family loft is situated far to the south of Germany, close to the Swiss Alps, compared with the regular flight path of other contestant birds. The RUTZ birds were seen to break away and head for home in very good time, amazing technology to actually appreciate how far they are from the regular flight path.

Our first import shipment of these birds turned out to be four hens– 2 x pair of nest mates. Much admired by all visitors as typical long distance birds. We soon followed up with two cocks, in the autumn 2014, the Red cheq and the Mealy, both photos on the web site, - and what magnificent specimens they are.

Geoff Cooper, UK describes them as ‘ pocket rockets ‘, - ‘ all brain and heart.’ Mark Gilbert, our breeder, simply describes them as, ‘ they just keep coming’.

The Pipa report of the Marseille 2012 International race is certainly worth a read. Regarded by many as the toughest race on the International calendar.

There were three country national winners, all 50% Rutz blood

Mark Gilbert sent one bird only to that race, a Deweerdt x Rutz, to score 1st in the UK section, - one of the three country winners. Following that race, RUTZ quickly sold all of his available stock, - such was the demand.
Our two pair are the only 100% Rutz birds in Australia.

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The Rauw Sablon birds have proven themselves as being outstanding all round race birds right throughout Europe, to the extent, that perusal of pedigrees of most of the top fanciers will see the introduction of this strain of birds. The book, ‘Kingmaker’ is an excellent publication and gives an intense review of all the key birds, their background, the details of fanciers who have had success. Well worth the investment and read.

In recent years, one of those key birds was ‘ Freddy’. Bred by none other than Freddy Vandenheede from Belgium. (National all round champion 2012). Direct children from ‘Freddy’ have been sold for very high prices, including his son ‘Dromer’, now featured as a key stock bird in the Koopman loft. Our cock bird, named ‘Double Freddy’, is a magnificent bird to observe and handle, much admired by all visitors, of medium size but all power. Our other Rauw Sablons, were purchased from Roger Lowe in UK, who is regarded as possibly the best middle distance fancier in the country, he has an extensive holding of Rauw Sablons, mainly purchased from Freddy Vandenheede. Our imports were bred from his Vandenheede birds.

Our stock bird of "pair one" - Rauw Sablon "Double Freddy". Click on thumbnail for larger image.

Extract from above Pipa article.

9th National Ace Bird Longer Middle Distance Old Birds KBDB 2014
This title was won by a hen, a granddaughter of breeding icon Topkweker Freddy at De Rauw-Sablon's and later on Pros Roosen's. Her dam even won 1st Nat. Tulle. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree:
- Science Ace BE12-4186125
’14 Poitiers Nat 12,379 p. 8
’14 Argenton N.Zone 1,630 p. 16
’14 Montlucon Nat 14,230 p. 21
’14 Gueret Nat 7,681 p. 165
’12 Montrichard Prov 2,178 p. 25
’13 Vierzon Prov 2,982 p. 71
’12 Orleans Prov 4,049 p. 155
Sire: De Majoor BE09-5110454

Bought at the total sale of Pros Roosen as full brother to Blauwe Prins.
Grandsire: Topkweker Freddy BE94-4407032. The golden stock bird at the lofts of De Rauw-Sablon and Pros Roosen but originally a direct Vandenheede (from Antigoon x Het Krijt). Sire to many star pigeons such as Dromer, Blauwe Prins, etc. The known success story.
Granddam: Wittikje BE03-5241862. Dam to Blauwe Prins and a direct daughter of Chateauroux 510/92 (1st Prov Chateauroux 4,080 p.) x Bourgeske 456/00 (4th Nat Bourges 23,957 p.).


The Brockamp pigeons from Germany are well known throughout Europe as outstanding long distance birds.

Brockamp family had a total dispersal of all old birds in 2010, with over 1 million euro in proceeds. Their key bird, ‘Euro Diamond’, selling for what was then a world record of 170,000 Euro, to a Japanese buyer. Euro Diamond had the title of ‘ worlds greatest long distance pigeon’. His impressive race record can be seen in the articles below.

Fortunately, many of his sons and daughters were sold to European fanciers.

Peter Brockamp originally sourced most of these key birds from George Carteus, Belgium, including the super breeding cock, ‘George’, - being the sire of ‘Euro Diamond’, ‘Mistral’, and many more top racers. Our information is that George Carteus could win racing from Belgium from 50 to 500 mile with this strain, whilst Brockamp had to concentrate on long distance due to the rugged terrain of his loft location.

When we visited UK a few years ago, we were fortunate to buy children from those sons and daughters of ‘ Euro Diamond’ and ‘ George’ from Clive Lister. We subsequently have made other purchases from Mark Gilbert and Geoff Cooper, including a FULL SISTER to Mark’s 1st International winner, ‘Melissa.’, and a nephew of ‘Mistral’. (see pair 1` of our Brockamp pairings.)

Progeny bred from the Brockamp birds have performed extremely well in the UK and elsewhere, - apart from Mark Gilberts winner , - Geoff Cooper also has a 1st International with the bird named ‘Woolongong’, a Brockamp x Deweerdt. (we have full sister to the Brockamp sire of that winner – see pair 2).

To achieve a 1st International for a UK fancier is a rare achievement.

In our own loft we have clocked several birds as Brockamp x Deweerdts in our small country club.

There are very few of these Brockamp imports in Australia.

Enjoying a day in the outside aviary