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Our two new imports have settled in extremely well since release from quarantine last week. Very pleased with their overall condition.
The cock bird, 'Son Invictus' is paired with the 'Only One', the hen that came in last year. Pedigree of both on the website as pair one under Euro Long distance, - Batenburg Jellema .
The sire of the import is 'Invictus', a French bird now owned by Hugo Batenburg. In 2015 Invictus won the much sought after award - 1st International extreme long distance'. To be considered for this award the bird must race in three of the 7 International races for the year, and score highly, - which Invictus achieved. All International races are over 700 kms to home lofts minimum
I arranged with Hugo to pair Invictus to a daughter of none other than - New Laureraat x Kleine Jade which he did for me.


Well here she is guys, our previous import for the long distance enthusiasts. Aptly named ' The Only One' - after her sire, 'The Special One'. Information suggests he may be finished breeding in NL unfortunately. She is now paired with "Son of Invictus."

'The Special One' was 1st International Barcelona, 2015, 19,083 birds, in very hot weather AND the only bird clocked on the day - hence his name. Her dam, none other than a daughter of New Laureaat (1st Int Barcelona 2013) and Kleine Jade (1st Int Barcelona 2014).

Cant get much higher on the tree than that.


MARCH 2020—The current situation of some of our impeccably bred distance pigeons.
The aim of Seasue is to obtain distance bloodlines of the highest quality for sale from our stud. Birds are obtained from the very best European breeders. To do this we have sought the assistance of two pivotal sources in the global pigeon market, namely:

— Mark Gilbert the current undisputed champion UK flyer. He has enjoyed considerable success at the elite end of the sport—International races—in addition to winning multiple National races out of turn.

— the Batenburg—Van de Merwe partnership which has long been acknowledged as one of the pace-setting distance lofts in The Netherlands being the home of many champion distance pigeons.
Both of these champions have also provided an avenue to access the bloodlines of Jelle Jellema, another Netherlands flyer, who is widely acclaimed to be a leader in International distance racing.

Below is a brief description of the top shelf pigeons acquired at considerable cost.

The genes of pigeons successful in the mecca of distance racing, Barcelona International, have been keenly sought after to enhance flocks in Australia.Prominent amongst these are:

New Laureaat the 2013 winner flying 1057km @ 944mpm in a release of 25,382 birds. He has since proved to be an outstanding sire and grandsire particularly when paired to Kleine Jade.

Kleine Jade the 2014 winner flying deep into The Netherlands (1258km) @ 1488mpm beating 20,668 birds. Her loftmate, Silvie, was shortly behind her in 3rd place both being bred and raced by Jelle Jellema. Kleine Jade is already a proven dam and grand dam with her progeny being eagerly sought after on PIPA.

The Special One the 2015 winner in extremely hot conditions being the only bird timed on the day of release— 19,083 birds, 917km, @ 1150 mpm.
He had shown his capacity in the stock loft before his International win.

A sample of the International winning bloodlines available at Seasue are;
BCC GB 17E 32544 — Brother to 5th Int. Pau for Mark Gilbert. 904km, 12,119 birds.
Sire: New Laureaat paired to Silvie (3rd Barcelona)
Dam: 6th Barcelona paired to Silvie “

BCH NL 19 1651080 — Arrived in Australia in late 2019
Sire: The Special One
Dam: New Laureaat paired to Kleine Jade

BCC NL 14 1040587
Sire: New Laureaat
Dam: Dianne a top Batenburg/Van de Merwe performer

BCPH NL 15 1687690 - (now deceased, three children in this year's stock team).
Sire: New Laureaat
Dam: New Laureaat paired to Kleine Jade
SA18 26816 - pair 7
SA19 13892 - pair 4
SA19 13891 - pair 5

BCPC GB 11R 29987 — Sister bred 7th Int. Pau 904km 12,119 birds for Mark Gilbert
Sire: 4th Int. Barcelona (25,705b) for Etienne Meirlaen
Dam: Daughter of New Laureaat

BBWFH GB 14N 55031
Sire: Son of New Laureaat
Dam: 1st Int. Agen/Bordeaux 11,444b for Mark Gilbert

BCPC GB 18V 94969
Sire: Son of influential Jelle Jellema pigeon Zwart Goud
Dam: New Laureaat paired to Kleine Jade

BBWFH GB 14J 06107
Sire: Starlight (Etienne Meirlaen) 2nd Int. Tarbes 12,549b
Dam: New Laureaat paired to 34th Int. Perpignan 15,106b


December 2018. Our much awaited two pigeons came out of Melbourne quarantine on Friday 14th, - in excellent condition. Another pair to supplement our existing New Laureaat Batenburg/Jellema family.

The cock bird, 32544, is a grand son of New Laureaat, and a double grand son of 'Silvia' who was 3rd International Barcelona, 2014, behind her loft mate 'Kleine Jade' who was 1st. Both raced by Jelle Jellema, - the longest marker to win a Barcelona, 1250 Km.

The new cock bird 94969 has some unique blood to Australia. His sire is a Son of Zwart Goud - another Jellema bird. Zwart Goud appears in many of Jellema pedigrees, including Klein Jade. He is believed to be partly responsible for the outstanding night flyers success Jellema has had. 94969 dam is daughter of New Laureaat and Kleine Jade.

The cock also is full brother to Southfield Jelle who was 1st UK Agen International, 24,850 birds, for Mark Gilbert. Also nest mate brother to 94969 sold recently on Pipa for 5000 Euro.

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NEW LAUREAAT: We also imported a son and daughter of New Laureaat He was 1st INTERNATIONAL Barcelona 2013, - 25,382 birds. (The daughter is now deceased). Three offspring from these two are now in the stock pens.

These are the first children of a 1st International Barcelona to come to Australia for over 20 years. Between 1995 and 2013, all winners of Barcelona were immediately sold to Asia, hence no direct children around for all those years, until 2013 when the syndicate of Hugo Batenburg and Pipa bought New Laureaat immediately after the race for 250,000 Euro. The hen of the pair, apart from being a direct daughter on her sires line, is also on dam's line a grand daughter of New Laureaat and a hen named Kleine Jade. She was 1st Int Barcelona the following year 2014, 20,669 birds, 1258 km - the longest marker ever recorded to win Int Barcelona. A young FULL SISTER to our hen sold last Monday on Pipa for 12,000 Euro (about A$18,500).

‘New Laureaat’; is the best current long distance breeder in the world!!
1. Nat. Agen 2018 – 4,776 b. (Ad Fortuin) G.child ‘New Laureaat’
1. Nat. Perpignan 2017 (Mark Gilbert) G.child ‘New Laureaat’
1. Nat. Barcelona 2018 (Mark Gilbert) G.child ‘New Laureaat’
1. Nat. Agen 2018 (Mark Gilbert) G.child ‘New Laureaat’
1. Nat. Poitiers 2018 – 1,800 b. (Mark Gilbert) G.child ‘New Laureaat’
1. Nat. Agen 2019 (Fernand Malfait) G.g.child ‘New Laureaat’

BCC NL 14 1040587 Sire: New Laureaat. Dam: Dianne a top Batenburg/Van de Merwe performer Pedigree of "Son New Laureaat"


German bred cock bred from well known long distance fancier, Kipp & Sons. (winners of a 1st International in 2016.) Our bird is a son of Golden Glory - who was awarded the much sought after awards of 1st International Ace Pigeon 2011 - 3 races; 1st Nat Ace Pigeon 20111 Long Distance; 1st Nat Ace Pigeon 2011 National Marathon.

Pedigree of  Kipp 20600