View of the single breeding pens available. Parentage is guaranteed. Located in Wellington, South Australia, we are situated on a farming allotment and utilise spacious breeding pens for all our breeding. With 90 single breeding pens available
parentage is guaranteed.



Last Saturday, 20th, our much awaited imports were released from Melbourne quarantine. What seemed like an eternity waiting for these birds for well over 12 months whilst they were locked in UK quarantine and then an extended period of another 32 days in Melbourne, (at additional costs), they finally arrived, - in excellent body condition.

I know I speak for all fanciers who had birds in this shipment that finally made it, the frustration and uncertainty over last 12 months has been nerve wracking to say the least. Birds that have never been vaccinated recording zero tests then later recording high tests and being excluded from the shipment at the last moment, not to mention delays implemented by the authorities due to several outbreaks of bird flu is just some of the hassles thats been going on. Three of my four made it, No 4 died in UK two weeks before departure, fortunately I can replace him if I desire, the three that made it basically not replaceable mainly due to costs. My first two are a son and daughter of New Laureaat, he was 1st INTERNATIONAL Barcelona 2013, - 25,382 birds.

These are the first children of a 1st International Barcelona to come to Australia for over 20 years. Between 1995 and 2013, all winners of Barcelona were immediately sold to Asia, hence no direct children around for all those years, until 2013 when the syndicate of Hugo Batenburg and Pipa bought New Laureaat immediately after the race for 250,000 Euro. The hen of the pair, apart from being a direct daughter on her sires line, is also on dam's line a grand daughter of New Laureaat and a hen named Kleine Jade. She was 1st Int Barcelona the following year 2014, 20,669 birds, 1258 km - the longest marker ever recorded to win Int Barcelona. A young FULL SISTER to our hen sold last Monday on Pipa for 12,000 Euro (about A$18,500). The third bird in our shipment is a German bred cock bred from well known long distance fancier, Kipp & Sons. (winners of a 1st International in 2016.) Our bird is a son of Golden Glory - who was awarded the much sought after awards of 1st International Ace Pigeon 2011 - 3 races; 1st Nat Ace Pigeon 20111 Long Distance; 1st Nat Ace Pigeon 2011 National Marathon. Click on picture for larger image.

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About Our Facilities


We operated our property near Wellington for approximately 20 years as a successful working dairy before withdrawing from the industry to retire.

Most of our pigeon facilities have been converted from the existing buildings on the property, including the former 'herringbone dairy.' The dairy now houses 22 individual pens and our new shed completed in 2013 another 40 similar pens, giving us a total of 90 individual walk in pens, all measuring about 2 m d x 2.4 m h x 900 w.

Parentage is guaranteed for all youngsters bred in single pens.

As Seasue Lofts operates in a rural setting and on acreage, there is no restriction on space for managing and caring for the quality pigeons which live here.

All facilities are secure and a security system is in place, providing peace of mind for all.

Pigeon Sales And Enquiries


We encourage you to email and / or phone us with your enquiries on any aspect relating to the pigeons that we offer for sale.

We will provide information to help you with your selection, including pedigrees etc based on your needs.

For several years now we have delivered pigeons sold to interstate fanciers by using Qantas freight services and found this to be a good arrangement.

Birds sold to Adelaide fanciers may be collected from our Wellington property which is not much more than a one hour drive from the Glen Osmond Toll Gate.

Alternate arrangements can also be made as required.


About us

We have more than 30 years experience managing livestock, specialising in the sourcing and testing of superior genetics from around the world, and a life time interest in pigeons.

At Seasue Lofts, we understand the components which are necessary for fanciers to create and / or improve their Racing Pigeon Teams.

Successful racing pigeon families must be superior in their performance and be able to replicate this success in their offspring over many generations.

Our primary focus is to source the highest quality pigeons available both locally and internationally and make offspring available for sale to fanciers.

Seasue Lofts maintains strong relationships with its associates to identify only those international racing pigeon dynasties whose results are outstanding and have stood the test of time.

Birds sold by Seasue Lofts are already leaving their mark in various competitions throughout Australia.


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